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We want to be a bright source of encouragement for all of your homeschool needs. We know that homeschooling your children can be one of the toughest and most rewarding choices you make as a parent. We are confident we can help you choose the best homeschool solution for each child and the curriculum that will work best for you!

You were there when they learned to talk and when they learned to walk, and now you can experience the joy of watching the light bulb go on each time they learn something new! Yes, no one loves your child the way you do and we want to help you as you help them learn and grow each day.

Even the most determined parent can often feel left in the dark when it comes to choosing a product that is the best fit for their child. That is why we are here to help! We want you to enjoy homeschooling as you train up each child in the way he should go and ultimately guide them to live a life that honors God.

Lamp Post Homeschool wants to make your journey as joy filled and frustration free as possible. Let us partner with you in providing encouragement and quality resources as you begin your journey. We are also here to recharge your battery on those hard days when you feel discouraged. Let us be your partner in homeschooling and your go-to resource for encouragement, homeschool curriculum, textbooks, supplies, and all of your homeschooling needs.

How to Deal With Homeschooling Naysayers

How Do You Deal With Homeschooling Naysayers?

Dealing With the Homeschooling Naysayers Is Part Of Your Witness! Have you ever heard negative comments about homeschooling from family, friends, or total strangers? How do you respond to that? Do you tell them what’s what? Do you ignore them? Do your children pop in with answers? Have you considered that your answer might be part of your witness? When people tell me that they send their children to public or private school, I might look like I'm thinking bad thoughts, but I certainly … [Read More...]

Homeschool Mini-mester Planning

Homeschool Mini-Mesters

Homeschool Mini-Mesters: Concentrate on One Subject at a Time Do you have a student who likes to focus on one course at a time? Our 12th grade son likes to do that. It really messed up my nice homeschool planner until I decided to match his learning style.  How can he only do one subject at a time? I'm glad you asked!  My first thought was you can't do that. Our college daughter pointed out that they do mini-mesters in college. A mini-mester can be an intensive course that takes only … [Read More...]

How to Make a Math Memory

How to Make a Math Memory

Making Math Memories With Your Children is easier that you think One of my favorite memories with my grandmother is all about math, but not the way you think. I spent a couple of summers with her in the beautiful piney woods of east Texas. The first summer my mother sent geography flashcards with me. My grandmother used them to teach me the countries of the world and their capitals. That was my happy geography memory from third grade. Between 6th and 7th grade, I spent the summer again. … [Read More...]