Prairie Primer Unit Study

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Using Little House on the Prairie, The Prairie Primer is a literature based unit study for grades 3-6. 

Topics include 1800’s American history, science, health, nutrition, literature, daily writing, geography, Bible, character building, daily living application, & more. 

This complete one-year curriculum utilizes library resources. 

The Weekly Planning Guide in the Prairie Primer highlights the resources and materials to be gathered and allows the parent/teacher to be prepared to seize the moment relating to the current study.

Additional Books and Resources for The Prairie Primer

You will need separate curriculum for math and handwriting.  For math, Ray’s Arithmetic is recommended. Spencerian Penmanship is the suggested handwriting curriculum for the Prairie Primer.

Many books are used in the Prairie Primer unit study.  The most frequently used resources, available at Lamp Post Homeschool, are listed below.

Hard to find books include:

  • Uncommon Courtesy for Kids Gregg and Josh Harris
  • The Original 21 Rules of This House Gregg and Josh Harris

Prairie Primer Unit Study

The Prairie Primer Unit Study

The Prairie Primer

By Margie Gray, Publisher: Cadron Creek

ISBN-13: 9780965251136

With the Prairie Primer curriculum your student will:

  • Learn 1800’s American History
  • Do Pioneer crafts, cooking, and music,
  • Explore science and nature studies,
  • Improve writing,
  • Apply Scripture and increase character,
  • Discover health and nutrition practices,
  • Increase reading comprehension

Grades 3-6

List $50.00

Sale Price $44.95

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The Little House Cookbook

By Barbara M. Walker

ISBN-13: 9780064460903

List $9.99

Sale Price $8.99

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Laura Ingalls Wilder Country

Laura Ingalls Wilder Country

Laura Ingalls Wilder Country

By William Anderson

ISBN-13: 9780060973469

List $24.99

Sale Price $22.49

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Spencerian Theory Book by Platt R. Spencer 9780880620826

Spencerian Theory Book

Spencerian Penmanship Set of Five Copybooks 9780880620956

Spencerian Penmanship Copybooks

Spencerian Theory Book plus Set of Five Spencerian Penmanship copybooks

By Platt R. Spencer, Mott Media

ISBN-13: 9780880620963

The set includes the “teacher theory book” and the five copybooks, numbered 1 to 5.

If you long for elegant handwriting the old fashioned way, you will appreciate Spencerian Penmanship. When my children want to have very nice handwriting, I encourage them to use these workbooks.  Usually they used this curriculum when they were in middle school or older.

List $25.99

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