Teaching Homeschool High School Math

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Is teaching homeschool high school math a problem for you?

By Wynne and Harriet Yoder (homeschool parents and owners of Lamp Post Homeschool)

Teaching Homeschool High School Math

Is teaching homeschool high school math a problem for you?

Many homeschool parents have concerns about teaching upper level math at home. Sometimes it is the deciding factor in continuing to homeschool in high school.

Don’t give up because math is a difficult subject for you. There are several ways to be successful at teaching homeschool high school math.

Solutions for Teaching Homeschool High School Math

Hire a Tutor
  • Hire a tutor to help the ones who need help. It can be a teacher, college student, or another mathematically-inclined homeschool parent.
  • This has to be cheaper than private schooling!
  • If funding is a problem, then check with friends and family. Maybe you can find a volunteer who would donate time and talent to help your student.
  • Or trade tutoring with another parent who needs help with a subject that is your gifting.
Homeschool Co-op Classes
  • Find or start a homeschool co-op that offers a math course.
Take Math Class at a Christian or Private School
  • Your local Christian school might let your students take their math class.
Take Math Class at a Public School

In Pennsylvania the public schools allow homeschoolers to take one or two classes .

  • It’s been helpful in certain situations.
  • Math is a course that deals doesn’t usually get into controversial issues.
  • Older students are usually more mature and will resist peer pressure.
Other Options

Some companies have instruction via DVDs or distance learning.

Changing your homeschool high school math curriculum might help

If the math program you chose isn’t working, it might be time for a change.

  • Include your teen in the selection process.
  • Taking ownership of the new math course is a great motivator.
  • These are our favorites from Lamp Post Homeschool:
    Homeschool Math Curriculum

Hope this helps you to keep on homeschooling!


Harriet Yoder