Language Arts Homeschooling Curriculum

At Lamp Post Homeschool, we offer two ways choose your homeschool language arts curriculum.

  • By Subject: choose each subject individually based on your homeschool student’s unique needs.
  • Complete: choose a one-year complete languages arts course which may include some or all of the different language arts subjects.

Language Arts Curriculum By Individual Subject

Reading and Phonics CurriculumHandwriting CurriculumGrammar CurriculumSpelling CurriculumVocabulary Curriculum Literature CurriculumComposition and Creative Writing Curriculum

Complete Language Arts Curriculum

Learning Language Arts Through LiteratureLifepac Language Art Gr. K-12Switched-On Schoolhouse Language Arts Gr. 3-12Shurley English Gr. 1-7Paradigm English Gr. 8-12BJU Press English Gr. 1-12

What subjects are included in language arts homeschooling curriculum?

Many different subjects are included in the study of language arts, and it depends on the grade level. For example, in elementary grades homeschool students typically study spelling as part of language arts. Most of our spelling courses stop after sixth grade, but a few such as Spelling Power extend to eighth grade. In junior high and high school, students study vocabulary instead of spelling.

Reading and phonics is covered in the elementary grades and changes to the study of literature in the secondary grades. A wide variety of readers are available for reading practice. Homeschool students can practice reading aloud with their current science, history, and math texts. It is reading with a purpose and for gathering information. 

English is studied in all grades and can cover grammar and writing. Grammar is studied through high school. Students who are planning to attend college need to master the art of writing essays and research papers.

Handwriting is usually taught in the elementary grades. There are handwriting courses for older students who didn’t grasp it in the younger grades. For homeschool handwriting, it isn’t necessary to repeat it every year if your student has mastered manuscript and cursive penmanship. The homeschool teacher can observe the student’s handwriting and give instant feedback if there is a mistake. 

Language Arts Resources

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