More Homeschool English Grammar Curriculum

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On this page you will find more English grammar choices from various publishers.

The Humpties ~ Builder Books

Humpties Parts of Speech by Ellen Hajek 9780963881236

Diagramming The Key to Understanding Grammar

By Ellen Hajek, Publisher: Builder Books


Are you looking for a way to teach diagramming to your homeschool student? One customer told us her son wasn’t being taught diagramming in his school. We suggested Diagramming, Key to Understanding Grammar. She reported that they were pleased with the lessons and results.

In chapter one of Diagramming, the Key to Understanding Grammar, the parts of speech are introduced with rules, examples, and exercises. From chapter two on, diagramming skills are taught. In a straightforward, easy-to-understand format, this combination text and workbook provides just enough information and practice to understand the concept without overwhelming students.

Ages 10 and up.

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English Grammar Flipper

English Grammar Flipper 9781878383013

English Grammar Flipper

Publisher: Christopher Lee Publications

ISBN-13: 9781878383013

The English Grammar Flipper is a comprehensive guide to rules and definitions, including examples for grades 6 to adult.

List $9.95

Price $8.49

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Barron’s E-Z English

E-Z English by Diamond and Cutwins 9780764142604

E-Z English

By Harriet Diamond and Phyllis Dutwin, Publisher: Barron”s Education

ISBN-13: 9780764142604

This self-teaching manual is designed to help you improve your grammar and English skills.

Each chapter in Barron’s E-Z English book has quizzes and answers. There is a step-by-step review of:

  • Parts of Speech
  • Verb Tenses and Moods
  • Proper Sentence Construction
  • Punctuation
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Writing and essay, a business letter, an email

Written for adult students, we think this book would be useful for homeschool students in high school who need to learn or review grammar and English.

List $14.99

Price $13.49

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Grammar Songs CD Set ~ Audio Memory

Grammar Songs CD Set by Audio Memory 9781883028107

Grammar Songs CD Set

Publisher: Audio Memory

ISBN-13: 9781883028107

The Grammar Songs set has 16 songs that include parts of speech, punctuation rules, 72 Greek and Latin roots, capitalization, tenses. It has one audio CD and a workbook.

Grades 3-8 or anyone who needs help with grammar.

Price $22.95

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Painless Junior Grammar

Barron's Painless Junior Grammar by Marciann McClarnon, M.S. 9780764135613

Painless Junior Grammar

By Marciann McClarnon, M.S., Publisher: Barron’s Education

ISBN-13: 9780764135613

Barron’s Painless Junior Grammar is an inexpensive book to learn English grammar for students in third and fourth grade. Answers are included in the back of the book.

List $8.99

Price $7.95

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