Sing Spell Read Write Reading Kits

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Teach reading, writing, and spelling with Sing, Spell, Read, Write Kits

Homeschoolers successfully use Sing Spell Read Write kits to teach their children how to read.

Features and Benefits of Sing, Spell, Read, and Write reading kits

  • Motivate your student with visuals, phonics songs, and games.Sing, Spell, Read and Write Preschool
  • Everything you need to teach one student is in the kit for that level.
  • Multi-sensory approach addresses various learning styles.
  • Written by Sue Dixon and now published by Modern Curriculum Press
  • It has a good track record among veteran homeschools
  • Easy-to-use for homeschool parents
  • Additional consumable student books are available for extra students.

Sing Spell Read and Write Kits for One StudentSing Spell Read and Write by Sue Dixon

Sing Spell Read and Write Individual Components

Extra Student books, Assessment books, Activity Sheets and readers are available for each level.SSRW Preschool Activity Sheets

 Sing Spell Read & Write Programs for Multiple Students

In addition Program Kits are available for multiple students.