Math In Focus Singapore Approach Grades K-6

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Math In Focus Singapore Approach Grades K-5 is the new elementary mathematics program for Kindergarten through Grade 6.. It is an American version of the successful Singapore approach to math.

On this page find Saxon Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach Grades K-6 information.

Math in Focus By Grade

Math in Focus Comparison and Samples


Math in Focus Kindergarten Assessments

Most of the components that are useful in the homeschool setting are made for use in one semester. The exceptions are the Assessments and the Virtual Manipulatives CD-ROM. The Assessments or tests come in a book for a complete level or year. Each of the two Virtual Manipulatives CD-ROMS are used for three years of the program.

Homeschool Kits

You will need the components of the homeschool kit for each semester that you want to use this program, though one of the reviews we found says you don’t need the Teacher’s Edition. My thought is that if you are new to the program, it would be helpful to get it for at least the first time you use it, especially for the older grades if you need the answers. The Homeschool Kits includes one Teacher’s Edition, one Student Book, and one Student Workbook. Each kit covers one semester.Math in Focus 1 B

We also offer components for additional students, the Assessments, and the Virtual Manipulatives CD-ROM’s.

Teacher’s Editions

The Math in Focus Teacher’s Editions give clear directions for each lesson. Some parts of the lesson are scripted in the earlier grades. With the sturdy plastic coil binding, and heavy board back cover, the book lays flat . It is easy to see the Student textbook pages which are shown in full color in a reduced size. Pages from the Student Workbook are reduced in size with answers shown in red.

Math in Focus 2 A

Student Book

There are two Student Books for each grade from first to fifth grade. The student Books are the are a durable hardcover textbooks for the program. The illustrations and graphics are in full color. The layout of the pages is visually pleasing and everything is well placed with adequate spacing and not overly busy.

The Kindergarten Student Book is a combination student book and workbook. It is a consumable softcover with full color pages. The student will write in this book. There are two books for each semester or four parts for the whole year.

Math in Focus 3 A

Student Workbook

The Student Workbooks are a consumable paperback printed in black and white–no color here. There are visuals to help the student. The problems are well spaced with no crowding and without color to distract the student. I think the very colorful Student Books offer enough pizazz for the student.


Math in Focus 4 AssessmentsCalling them Assessments is a better way of saying tests. There is one book for each level of Math in Focus. You’ll find answers to the Assessments in the back of each book. It is reproducible for one classroom.

The Kindergarten level is formatted differently from the other levels with five assessments that are done with more teacher help.

Each Assessment Book from Levels 1 to 5 has a pretest and chapter test for each chapter in the Student Book. There are also two benchmark tests, a mid-term test, and an end-of-year test in each level.

Virtual Manipulatives CD-ROM

Math in Focus 5 BI’ve see some of the screen shots and it looks interesting. If you have a student who enjoys using the computer, this could be useful. It is not cheap, but each one is used for three years, and more than one child can use it.

Reviews Of Math in Focus

I’m doing something a little different here by adding links to various reviews that offer different viewpoints. Hope this helps you to decide whether or not to use Math in Focus. After all, you know your children better than all the experts in the world!