Singapore Math Curriculum

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What’s Available in Singapore Math® for Kindergarten to High School?

Taught in a different way, Singapore Math originated in Singapore where students score highly on standardized math tests.

Kindergarten Math Choices

There are two kindergarten choices are available with this curriculum.

Grade 1 to 6 Choices for Singapore Primary Math

Grade 7 to 12 Choices

Questions About Singapore Primary Math Singapore Primary Mathematics Standards

US Edition Or the new Standards Edition?

Singapore Primary Math US Edition According to the publisher, the new Singapore Math Standards Edition is “an adaptation of Primary Mathematics to meet the Mathematics Contents Standards for California Public Schools, adopted by the California State Board of Education in 1997 for grades 1-5 as one of the approved textbooks. It is similar to the US edition but has some rearrangement of topics and some added units, primarily in probability and data analysis, negative number, and coordinate graphing. The standards edition components are not interchangeable with the US or third edition components.”

Answer Book or Instructor’s Guide?

You have two choices for finding answers to problems in Levels 1 to 6 of Singapore Primary Math (both in the Standards and the US editions.)

The less expensive choice is to purchase the Primary Math Answer Key Booklet, either for levels 1 to 3 or for levels 4 to 6. It has answers to the texts and workbooks for the levels it covers. It has answers only and no instructions for the teacher.

The other choice we offer is the Singapore Primary Math Home Instructor’s Guides. Each level has a two guides–one for A and one for B. It offers answers and teaching information. While it does not provide daily lessons, it will give you a suggested amount of time in weeks to spend on each unit. Since math is highly individualized, this makes sense because it allows your student to work at his pace.

Singapore Math Home Instructor’s Guides

Each Home Instructor’s Guide ( U.S. and 3rd Ed.) contains:

  • Notes to the instructor with some mathematical background for each section in the textbook;
  • Objective of each lesson; teaching activities using manipulatives;
  • Reinforcement activities which often include a game;
  • Answers to corresponding textbook pages and learning tasks for the lesson, to be discussed with the student;
  • Answers to the corresponding workbook exercises.

Home Instructor Guides are also available for the Standards Editions.

How to Place Your Child in Singapore Primary Math

If your child is in first grade, then start at Level 1.