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Homeschool Science Curriculum at Lamp Post Homeschool

Most of our homeschool science curriculum and resources are Christian based with a creation science perspective. It is very important to teach your children about the Biblical view of creation in a world where evolution is taught.

We also carry some conservative homeschool science curriculum.

Are you looking for grade-based science curriculum where each child studies science at the appropriate grade level? Or would you rather use a multilevel science course with several children or a small homeschool co-op?

Grade Based Science Curriculum

Aplolgia Exploring Creation Science Curriculum BJU Press Science CurriculumChristian Liberty Press Science CurriculumLIFEPAC Science CurriculumMaster Books Creation ScienceParadigm Science CurriculumSaxon Physics CurriculumScience Resources CurriculumSwitched-On Science Curriculum

Multi-Level Homeschool Science Curriculum

Can’t see yourself juggling five teacher’s guides per child? Neither can we.

Give yourself a break and try multilevel courses with your children. Keep everyone on the same subject at the same time.

Most of the courses we offer have different levels for the activities that come with a lesson. That way your children will be challenged at just the right level.

Christian Kids Explore Science CurriculumCreation Science CurriculumGod's Design Science CurriculumGreat Science AdventuresHistory of Science CourseScience in the Beginning by Dr. Jay L. WileSigns and Seasons Classical AstronomyBiology 101 DVDApologia Young Explorers Curriculum

To Order Homeschool Science Books and Curriculum by Phone Call Toll-Free: 800-326-9273