BJU Press Science Gr. 1-12

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 If you want a good academic science curriculum with a Christian perspective, then you can count on BJU Press Science for Grades 1 to 12. With teacher’s guides, textbooks, activities and lab manuals, it has everything planned for you and your student. (Read more…)

Science 1 by BJU PressScience 2 by BJU PressScience 3 by BJU PressScience 4 by BJU PressScience 5 by BJU PressScience 6 by BJU Press BJU Press Life Science 7th Grade BJU Press Earth Science 8th Grade BJU Press Physical Science 9th Grade BJU Press Biology 10th Grade BJU Press Chemistry 11th Grade BJU Press Physics 12th Grade

The BJU Press Science activities for the elementary years are very productive. If your children are close in skill levels you might consider combining two in the same grade. (For example, putting an advanced third grader and an average fifth grader in the 4th grade curriculum.)

Compared to Apologia’s Exploring Creation series, BJU Press Secondary science curriculum is the more traditional approach (like when I went to school in the 60s and 70s). Like Apologia, it is also a Christian curriculum with a creation science view.

This is a solid academic science curriculum that has been used by homeschoolers with success for over 20 years.

We’ve used everything in the BJU Press science curriculum but the physics (nothing against the physics–they didn’t take it.) Our older children liked these science courses and did well in science on the college level (even though it wasn’t their major interest.)

Bob Jones homeschool  science also has more student activities which include various lab experiments and different types of activities to reinforce learning (Q&A, matching, fill in the blanks, etc.). Those activities are a great way to learn thee types of questions that homeschoolers will see in college courses.

Science 1 by BJU Press