God’s Design Science Overview

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What we have here is a homeschooler’s dream for a complete science curriculum for grades 1 to 8.

The God’s Design Science series by Debbie and Richard Lawrence teaches scientific and critical thinking skills from the creation science perspective. Minimal teacher preparation is required. There are hands on activities with every lesson of the series which was written by homeschoolers for homeschoolers.

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Multi-level Science Courses

Since it is a multi-level program, it is easy to use with multiple children of different ages. God’s Design Science works with all learning styles and has a strong Christian worldview.

Activities and experiments generally require supplies that are easily found around the house or at your local grocery store or craft store. You might want to purchase a few scientific items such as a gram scale, microscope, and graduated cylinder.

Changes in the 3rd Edition

Then new third edition, now called Answers in Genesis Science, is even better. Updated with the additional resources of the folks at Answers in Genesis, the changes include:

  • Lessons are in full color. Each lesson has a vocabulary list.
  • Content has been updated where appropriate.
  • There are additional pictures and diagrams.
  • Challenge section was added to all the books. Designed for grades 6 to 8, the Challenge section contains additional information or more difficult experiments.
  • A Beginner section for grades 1-2 was added in the Life and Heaven & Earth series.
  • God’s Design for Chemistry & Ecology includes the new book Properties of Ecosystems.
  • There is now a separate Teacher Supplement for each series (Life, Heaven & Earth, Physical World, and Chemistry& Ecology).
  • Each Teacher Supplement includes answers to all book questions, worksheets, and quizzes.
  • A Student Supplement CD-ROM with printable student worksheets & tests is included in each Teacher Supplement.


Each of the series is designed as a one year curriculum. You will need one of each of the three books and the Teacher Supplement. There are 35 lessons in each book. Each lesson should take about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. The suggested course of study is to do three lessons per week.

The program is flexible. For example, if you prefer to do all of your science in one semester and your history the next. You can change the order of the books, too.

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