Social Studies

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Welcome to our social studies homeschool curriculum index.

On this page you’ll find links to the history, geography, and economics curriculum that we carry at Lamp Post Homeschool.

Social Studies Homeschool Curriculum

History CurriculumWorld History CurriculumUnited States History CurriculumGeography CurriculumState History CurriculumGovernment and Economics CurriculumChristian Worldview Curriculum

Grade-Based Social Studies Curriculum

In addition to looking for social studies curriculum by category, you can also choose a grade-based program. These are more traditional courses that are used by homeschool families and Christian schools.

BJU Press Heritage Studies Christian Liberty Press History LIFEPAC History and Geography Switched-On Schoolhouse History and Geography

Timetables of History Fourth Edition

Timetables of History by Bernard Grun

Timetables of History Fourth Edition

By Bernard Grun

ISBN-13: 9780743270038

Open the Timetables of History. Find significant events of history arranged by year. See columns for History and Politics; Literature and Theater; Religion, Philosophy, and Learning; Visual Arts; Music; Science, Technology, and Growth; and Daily Life.

The year of the event is listed on the outside edge of each page. The first year listed is 5000 B.C. and the last year is 2004.

Timetables of History is a valuable tool if you are using timelines for your history studies. Another way it can be used is to find additional topics of study for a particular time period or year. The 4-column index of over 100 pages makes it easier to find listings by subject.

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