Galloping the Globe Geography Curriculum

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This is a geography-based curriculum that can be used for one to three years. Galloping the Globe Geography  is organized by continent and incorporates the student notebook approach. There’s an Activity CD-ROM with reproducible outline maps and activities.

Galloping the Globe “is a delightful way to introduce young children to all aspects of world geography.

Selected countries in each continent are studied. There is a Christmas Around the World unit that focuses on eight countries. Additionally, Holidays and Celebrations links and books are listed for each country studied in this course.

Galloping the Globe Geography

Galloping the Globe with CD 9781931397650

Galloping the Globe

Galloping the Globe with CD-Rom

By Lore Pettit and Dari Mullins, Publisher: Geography Matters

ISBN-13: 9781931397650

For each country, it integrates eight categories of learning activities including basic geography, people and history, literature, science, vocabulary, music and art projects, Internet sources, holidays and celebrations, and Bible.

Sample Pages for Galloping the Globe Geography

We carry the several of the books (available separately) from the Core Book List.

Kindergarten to grade 4

List $29.95

Price $26.95

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Geography from A to Z

Geography from A to Z 9780064460996

Geography from A to Z

Geography from A to Z: A Picture Glossary

By Jack Knowlton, Illustrated by Harriet Barton, Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN-13: 9780064460996

In Geography From A to Z, there are 63 definitions of words about the earth’s features. Each geographic term is delightfully illustrated in full color.

List $7.99

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Great for God

Great for God 9780892217090

Great for God

Great for God: Missionaries Who Changed the World

By David Shibley

ISBN-13: 9780892217090

Stories of David Livingstone, Lottie Moon, Jim Elliot, Eric Liddell, and Bill Bright are among the 23 exciting stories of missionaries that will be enjoyed by the whole family. As you read each of these wonderful stories aloud during family times or on your own, you will see how you, too, can reach out to your world through deeds and prayer to tell others the good news about Jesus and His love.

Great for God is the new revised and expanded version of Heaven’s Heroes. There is one new story and the order of the stories is slightly different. If you look at the table of contents in the new version, you will be able to fine the stories that are used in Galloping the Globe Geography.

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Children Just Like Me

Children Just Like Me 9780789402011

Children Just Like Me

Children Just Like Me

ISBN-13: 9780789402011

A photographer and a teacher traveled the world meeting and talking to children for two years. Readers of Children Just Like Me will enjoy learning about the dreams, beliefs, hopes, fears, and day-to-day lives of other children. Over 500 color photos.

List $19.99

Price $18.95

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Profiles from History

Profiles from History 1 9781931397575

Profiles from History 1

Profiles from History Volume 1

By Ashley M. Wiggers, Publisher: Geography Matters

ISBN-13: 9781931397575

Profiles from History tells stories of twenty historical figures. It has beautiful illustrations, activities, and discussion questions which will help students “recognize the effect these individuals have had on history.”

The profiles include: Marco Polo, Johannes Gutenberg, William Bradford, Squanto, Galileo, Columbus, John Smith, Leonardo da Vinci, Pocahontas, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, James Cook, George Frideric Handel, Benjamin Franklin, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Thomas Jefferson, Sacagawea, Mozart, Zebulon Pike, Francois Millet, Jesse Applegate.

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Eat Your Way Around the World

Eat Your Way Around the World 9781931397360

Eat Your Way Around the World

Eat Your Way Around the World

By Loree Pettit, Publisher: Geography Matters

ISBN-13: 9781931397360

Eat Your Way Around the World has recipes from over thirty countries. It can be used as a supplemental cookbook to any world geography curriculum. 

Cultural tidbits for each country include etiquette hints, food profiles, and Culture a la Carte.

Some of the activities are a making a food journal, a passport, and having a world travel night.

Grades K-12

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Magnificent Mammals

Magnificent Mammals  9780890514566

Magnificent Mammals

Marvels of Creation: Magnificent Mammals

By Buddy and Kay Davis, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN-13: 9780890514566

With beautiful photographs, Magnificent Mammals studies thirty mammals of the world with emphasis on God’s design of each animal. After each description, there is a fact box that lists basic information, special design features, and an interesting fact about that animal.

In addition to supplementing Galloping the Globe geography and other science and social studies courses, Magnificent Mammals could also be used as a supplement to daily devotions because it focuses on the incredible design by the Master Creator.

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