World History Curriculum

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Most of the selections we offer have a Christian perspective. Investing in quality world history resources; reading world history texts and good historical fiction aloud to the child; discussing history; and doing hands-on projects will help your homeschool world history study.

Choosing homeschooling books, textbooks, and courses for teaching world history is easy with these excellent resources.

Grade-Based World History Curriculum

Multi-Level Homeschool World History

World History Resources

Timetables of History Fourth Edition

Timetables of History by Bernard Grun

Timetables of History Fourth Edition

By Bernard Grun

ISBN-13: 9780743270038

Open the Timetables of History. Find significant events of world history arranged by year. See columns for History and Politics; Literature and Theater; Religion, Philosophy, and Learning; Visual Arts; Music; Science, Technology, and Growth; and Daily Life.

The year of the event is listed on the outside edge of each page. The first year listed is 5000 B.C. and the last year is 2004.

Timetables of History is a valuable tool if you are using timelines for your world history studies. Another way it can be used is to find additional topics of study for a particular time period or year. The 4-column index of over 100 pages makes it easier to find listings by subject.

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World History Made Simple

World History Made Simple

World History Made Simple: Matching History with the Bible

By Ruth Beechick

ISBN-10: 0880620730

World History Made Simple can be used as a survey course in world history or used in another social studies course. Students will gain a knowledge of history past and future, and a biblical worldview to help with thinking about governments and issues of today. Because World History Made Simple follows the Bible, it solves a number of mysteries that other history books cannot solve.

There are 128 pages in this 6″ x 9″ paperback,

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Guides to History Plus

Guides to History Plus

Guide to History Plus

By Kathryn Stout, Publisher: Design-A-Study

ISBN-10: 1891975080

K-12 history and geography objectives in easy-to-use question guide useful in the study of any period or culture. The Guide to History Plus activity guide allows you to integrate other subjects by using a more in-depth unit study approach. Resource List.

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Annals of the World

James Ussher wrote this history of the ancient world in the 1600s. He traveled throughout Europe examining original source documents. Written in chronological order, Annals of the World covers history from Creation to the Fall of Jerusalem. You could read this book cover to cover as an ancient history course. Or you can use Annals of the World as a reference book to supplement such a course.

Master Books commissioned Annals of the World, an important literary work, to be updated from the 17th-century original Latin manuscript to modern English and made available to the general public for the first time. In its pages can be found the fascinating history of the ancient world from the Genesis creation through the destruction of the Jerusalem temple.

Annals of the World by James Ussher 9780890515105

Annals of the World

By James Ussher, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN-13: 9780890515105

Find Out:

  • Why was Julius Caesar kidnapped in 75 B.C.?
  • Why did Alexander the Great burn his ships in 326 B.C.?
  • What really happened when the sun “went backward” as a sign to Hezekiah?
  • What does secular history say about the darkness at the Crucifixion?

More Information About Annals of the World from the Publisher

In the years 1650-1654, James Ussher set out to write a history of the world from creation to A.D. 70. The result was published in 1658 as the literary classic The Annals of the World. This famous comprehensive history of the world, originally published in Latin, offers a look at history rarely seen. Ussher traveled throughout Europe, gathering much information from the actual historical documents.

Many of these documents are no longer available, having been destroyed since the time of his research. Using the Bible as his timeline, Ussher began with the death of Nebuchadnezzar as a reliable date and worked backward through the genealogies of the Old Testament to arrive at the date of creation – 4004 B.C. Integrating biblical history (around 15% of the text is from the Bible) with secular (around 85% of the material is from non-biblical sources), Ussher wrote this masterpiece. Considered not only a literary classic, but also an accurate reference, The Annals of the World was highly regarded for its preciseness that the timeline from it was included in the margins of many King James Version Bibles throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, calling to mind the fact that the earth is only around 6,000 years old. The fact that Ussher’s chronology has been deleted from Bibles is evidence of the Church’s backsliding into the deceptive ideas of evolution. The Annals of the World is a necessary addition to any church library, pastor’s library, or any library – public or personal.

The entire text has been updated from 17th-century English to present-day vernacular in a five-year project commissioned by Master Books. Containing many human-interest stories from the original historical documents collected by Ussher, this is more than just a history book – it’s a work of history.

  • Important literary work that has been inaccessible in book form for over 300 years
  • Translated into modern English for the first time
  • Traces world history from creation through A.D. 70
  • Over 10,000 footnotes from the original text have been updated to references from works in the Loeb Classical Library by Harvard Press
  • Over 2,500 citations from the Bible and the Apocrypha
  • Ussher’s original citations have been checked against the latest textual scholarship
  • One of history’s most famous and well-respected historians
  • Spent over five years researching and writing this book
  • Entered college at age 13
  • Received his master’s degree at age 18
  • Was an expert in Semitic languages
  • Buried in Westminster Abbey
  • Fully indexed with numbered paragraphs in chronological order 8 appendixes


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Hardcover Edition
is available below.


Annals of the World

By James Ussher, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN-13: 9780890513606

If you want this for your library, you might prefer the hardcover edition.

Hardcover with Case

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